Child within Melancholy



Child within Melancholy

‘Tis another one …
… That passes me by now,
When all else, cradled in warmth,
Of years’ packaged brightened glow,
See not the unseen writhe,
In discomfort, and sadness,
And deep melancholy,
Not draped in happiness,
And most assuredly not jolly!
The child within us all when down,
And burning darkest dreams,
Withdraws into realms of unknown,
Fantasy of hostile scenes,
Of past, present and the beyond,
Pathless journeys into the abyss,
Ravaged by riddled respawn,
Creative illusions of reminisce!
When the magical dream is drenched,
In bloodied sin of distant memory,
Does our soul become wretched,
Torn apart and’ asunder despairingly,
By those looking to cause such pain,
From within the inner core,
Over, and over again,
Constantly demanding simply more,
Than we can afford to award,
… Desolation rips at our hearts,
Offering no joyous rewards,
From beyond, present or past,
And so we spend this time alone in mind,
Separated from society’ need for jolly,
Like we did last year at this time,
Just another child within melancholy!


Guy or Bloke, Your Choice

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