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“We each have a story to tell, a journey to trek and a life to live”

My sincere thanks to IvesTrendyTopic for her nomination of A Guy Called Bloke for this award of recognition. Do yourself a favour and pop along to her blog for advice on how to lead and live a healthier lifestyle with fashion and beauty tips. Knock out some nasty habits and get ready for 2018 like its 1999! But above everything, her blog encourages and motivates you to believe in yourself and strike a new stride in self-confidence!

I feel humbled by this nomination as there are some truly fabulous writer’s blogging here, each with their own stories and tales to tell, each walking many journeys throughout their lives.

Whilst l am new to WordPress as a blogger, having only commenced in September 2017, l am not new to writing or expressing my thoughts to a reader. I have actively been involved in the craft of storytelling or documenting for forty odd years using various modern digitalised  as well as many now considered antiquated platforms.

This particular blog is about my life, my journeys to date and my story but above everything it is about the intrinsic beauty of diversity, fantasy, reality, actuality and escape.

Advice for new Bloggers/Writers

1] Write for you, write because you live to write, you love to write and your passion is storytelling using your words, thoughts and ideas.

2] Everyone wants their work read despite what many will say, however when you do write, don’t specifically write to a designated audience or readership, that will come in time. You will learn to garner what your audience and readership desire the most from – but this takes time.

3] Write with a raw honesty, from your heart, ripped from your soul – we live in a world that craves the truth, the inner you – they love the reality of your emotions.

4] Remember your own readership and don’t worry about popularity and seeking new followers. Remember the Kevin Costner film ‘Field of Dreams’ “Build it and they will come”. Don’t become obsessed with success – it will drain you.

5] Read everything you can alight your eyes to – books, comics, magazines, newspapers, advertisements, publications, documents, and online media platforms anything and everything that may generate new ideas or even leads into more writing.

6] Be consistent – post on a regular basis, and if not that always interact with other bloggers, comment on their blogs, like their blogs – trust me and as l am sure every blogger here will nod their head to, there is nothing more wonderful than receiving an acknowledgement of something you have taken time with, created lovingly and penned for another’s’ eyes.

7] Your written words are your voice, so speak up – get yourself heard.

8] Don’t be afraid of the community of readers, learn from them equally as much as they learn from you or about you, don’t be shy about coming forwards and giving away who you are or any knowledge you may have that will help another’s progress.

Picking bloggers for me was exceptionally hard, as l am surrounded by some truly beautifully creative and inspiring minds, never mind the absolute glut of talent that follows me alone!


My nominations are:

Kat – FamilyFurore



Uncertainty Web

Grumpy Gorman

The silentwave – Laina Eartharcher


Josh Gross/The Jaguar



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2. Give a brief story on your blog.
3. Share two or more pieces of advice for beginner bloggers.
4. Choose 10 other bloggers to nominate. 
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  1. Just dropping by to say thank you once again for thinking of me as one of your nominees. It is, I said, already a reward in itself. And you provided great advice up there too! For several years, my writing was limited to writing press releases and newsletters – there is little joy in that. Writing is rewarding and joyful only when a person writes from his/her heart and soul. Please let us know if you win the award, okay? So, we can go back here and cheer on you. Lol!

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