Black Sky



Black Sky


Darkness rolling in, heralding the anger of the Gods,
Great rumblings roll over sodden earth rough shod,
Caring not to the damage unfurling beneath its wake,
Lightning flashes attacking the skies and the ground shakes,
Deluges’ falling in great horrendous splashing fears,
Tidal waves cresting along the shores like tipped spears,
Wailing winds screaming in anticipation ready to strike,
Outrages building all day seething with dislike,
And still the skies darken, almost blackened now,
Elements’ coming together is one almighty howl,
Watching as l do from within my humble abode,
Admiring the wrath of the weather when she explodes,
Mortality weakened when nature powers her deity,
Threatening our fragility’s with encroaching black skies!


Guy or Bloke, Your Choice

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