Animals Have Rights Too You Know!


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Animals Have Rights Too You Know!

There is too much cruelty to animals – l could gloss it up, make it more aesthetic or just say it how it is which l have chosen to do. People are cruel to animals, not just domestics, but equally, agricultural, exotic and natural species.

Animal abuse is on the rise, it’s always on the rise – people harm animals whether it is illegal or not.

You don’t have to be an activist to understand the ins and outs of animals’ rights, but you DO have to care. You have a responsibility to not just animals in distress, but equally your own moral code of conduct.

That should you witness any intentional cruelty to animals you should take the necessary steps to prevent that abuse or notify the authorities to take action. Don’t let apathy rule your thoughts, or complacency or ‘ l don’t give a flying fuck’ because you need to, you need to care more!

What is animal cruelty?

Animals being subjected to

Torture, beating, inhumane killing

Inappropriate transportation

Inappropriate confinement

Inadequate feeding, watering, housing

Failure to provide treatment of an appropriate nature for any illness or injuries


Animal fighting, blood sports

Pets left in hot cars

Species hoarders

Truth is the list is endless … Cruelty is everywhere – you don’t even have to look that far these days – it’s everywhere. It appears at times that society cares not for the state of play with animals. We see cruelty in sports, blood sports where upon animals are cruelly treated for another’s’ entertainment – how is that entertaining?

Research Labs, puppy farms, bullfighting, aggressive farming strategies, rodeos, plantation expansions, trophy hunting, fox hunting, badger culling, hare baiting …. The list is endless, never mind those who seek to simply appear to be hell bent on exterminating every living species going in the wild.

We lose an estimated 10,000 species every year through the extinction process! And of course mankind is not innocent to the destruction of species either through its many methods of progression …. Or greed … or both! Nature has her own way of creating extinction of species of course, through asteroid strikes, natural disasters, volcanoes and adverse weather conditions. Mankind has shifted the balance of nature with the slow destruction of the climate and introducing global warming.

Truth is – we do more damage than Nature herself! For as many organisations that endeavour to prevent extinction of species, and work diligently to achieve greater results for both species and the planet, equally there are many more that are determined to totally destroy our planet through habitat destruction, introduction of species not native to the environment and human suburbanisation advancement!

We have whole nations that seemingly appear clueless concerning species destruction and extinctions, never mind cultures and societies that consider animals nothing much short of a hindrance and an existence situated purely for their own hatreds!

In the last two hundred years, mankind has said goodbye to many species – and it is ONLY mankind that is responsible for their demise. But in the last fifty years alone, mankind has upped its destruction of species.

West African Black Rhinoceros [Poaching for Rhino Horn]
• Pyrenean ibex [Over Hunting]
• Passenger Pigeon [Hunting/Trapping]
• Quagga [Hunted to extinction to its’ competing against domestic cattle]
• Pinta Island Tortoise [Hunting/Trapping]
• Caribbean Monk Seal [Hunted to extinction]
• Baiji River Dolphin [Hunted to extinction]
• Javan Tiger [Poaching/Poisoning/Aggressive Farming]

Poaching, hunting, trapping, poisoning await many species still – mankind knows no limits to its evil, or its greed or its strategy for so called progression.

All over the world our animal species are subjected to the utmost cruelty by man, by society, by government – by the people of our planet.

We have a duty to all of the species not just domestics and not just agricultural – we have a responsibility, a duty of care for all of our planets’ species.

People forget one thing – nature doesn’t need us to survive, we need her to live and to survive – and that’s a really big thing in my books.

There’s nothing funny about being dead!

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