Looking For Beauty …


Looking For Beauty – Do you see what l see?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder it is often said,
Meaning that to see such, is but within our head,
So many fail to see with their own two eyes,
And refuse to believe what exists in many a guise,
Taken in by what we wish for others to but see,
Can we say therefore, that what we do see is true beauty?
As l walk with my dogs, l am dazzled by many delights,
Some would see what l see, as nothing but blights,

They are the fools in truth, for we are surrounded by so much,
Blatantly obvious delicacies of the world in which we touch,
And yet some are taken in by falsehoods of belief,
Seeking comfort in treasures of their own relief,
When you look for beauty, what is it you see,
That makes you believe that you are totally happy?
Some see materialism as the way towards riches,
And to them, this is the ultimate manipulative switch,

To believing that what they hold is the truest of beauty,
When in fact, all they hold are products of reality,
But is this truly a beautiful thing, to behold to one’s soul?
Spending out constantly to somehow fill your empty hole?
Are you content at the end of the day, with your newest of ‘things?’
Proudly boasting to your friends and praises do you sing,
That you hold in your hand a work of beauty truest,
Mankind’s‘ best in art ,sculptures or some other such purest,

Yet can you not see what lies before you, just outside?
In the world in which you live, but from it you do hide,
Can you not see perhaps the sky in which we live under?
Now there is a beauty, this is a work of truest wonder,
For within this alone, we do have the rises and sets of the sun,
Watching them create and fade is something that cannot be outdone,
I admire products of beauty of this l can and will not deny,
Beautiful poetry, music, artistry and other such desires,

However when looking at beauty, what is it that l see?
Well, the world in which we live seriously impresses me,
Pastures of green, toiled soils, woodlands and rivers,
Nature herself, the sky above, fragrances by air all deliver,
To me a sense of calm and tranquillity, and this is beauty,
But l am easily pleased, more so than some and can see,
That we must not forget the truest beauty of them all,
And that is ‘us’, the peoples of our world large and small,

To receive a charming smile from a beautiful face,
Or to hear the laughter from a child is a warm embrace,
Seeing a couple in love on a glorious seasonal day,
Or being with the love of your life who still makes you sway,
To have friends when you need them the most,
Or simply to have someone when you feel lost,
I think that the truest of beauty is found deep in,
Us, unseen and quiet but more importantly just within.


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