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Hey All, welcome to “A Guy Called Bloke” which is me, and it’s down to you if you decide to call me Guy or Bloke, either way it’s fine.

What is this blog about?

In a simple answer – it is about diversity – it’s about the inner workings of my mind – you know the corny – “me, my and l” or for those amongst the readership who want something a bit more solid – a bit more black and white and not something Dancing In The Grey the workings of my inner mind.

The name came around after a Doctor’s appointment. I was at the reception desk making another appointment, and no one was there, but inside the administrations office was a guy, texting, and he whispered to the receptionist, that there was ‘bloke’ at the desk, and called to me and said she is just coming. So in essence ‘A guy called bloke’. I see it even if perhaps you don’t.

I maintain three blogs here in WordPress – this one which is about my life, my journeys to date and my story, but above everything it is about the intrinsic beauty of diversity, fantasy, reality, actuality and escape. The second is The Tee Shirt Blogger which is about the stories behind my designs with Classic Eggshell Moments which deals with my autism with my Asperger’s Syndrome, mental health, environmental issues, animal rights and the third is about my dog Doodlepip and her antics with The Adventures of Doodlepip.

Some of you may know me from my Twitter account or indeed follow Doodlepips Twitter and many of you will have never heard of me, so l am just another guy or a bloke writing and blogging about stuff – until you decide to follow me – if of course you do, because you find something comforting or funny or interesting in what l write about and can relate to it.

If you are reading this, then thank you for doing so.

Until l write again, please take care of yourselves.

Guy … or … Bloke, it’s your choice.






12 thoughts on “A Guy Called Bloke

  1. Fantastic! I’m so glad you got started! Awesome blog to by the way, I love your writing style. I look forward to following you and your recovery 🙂

    1. Hey There Kat,

      Good morning to you, my genuine thanks for your response. Yep, it’s started now, hopefully the only way forwards is ‘forwards’ as they say. Look forward to your comments along the path of enlightenment. Guy/Bloke x

  2. Absolutely brilliant. I am so, don’t know if excited is the right word, thrilled to see this!
    Beautifully, candidly written. Will be following you always on your journey xx

  3. Well bloke, I believe you’re on to something here. Keeping it genuine is what writing like this is all about. Keep doing what you’re doing:)

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