Magic always happens when…

Check out these cool blogs – no, that is NOT a blatant plug because l am listed, but an honest agreement with Ray’s post. I just happen to be in the list as well.


 …when you are sharing something you love.

We, humans, are ruled by emotions. Our emotions are attached to the logic, but not to the cold and mathematical logic, because we are too social creatures for that. 

We want to create the meaning of life, and we want to do that To – Ge – Ther.
We want to create the dream, a fiction to live in.
We want to decipher the purpose of the world.
We want to understand the past and future and, of course, we want to rule this Universe. 

Yes, thats right. Haha 😂  But one very smart guy said: “even the voice of the consciousness undergoes mutation.” And the effect of that mutation – is always your choice. 

Let’s get back to the magic now.
Each your post is the magical planet. Your minds are spreading a huge amount of the energy through…

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