The Old Life

A nightmare in the making ………

The Haunted Wordsmith

“You should totally get on social media, Dad,” Gregg says. “You’re living in the dark ages.”

The school bus pulls up and honks. Gregg grabs his backpack and runs out the door. As I stand in the doorway, I can’t help wonder when my thirteen-year-old became so wise. I chuckle and close the door, then go about my daily routine.

Life is easy since I don’t work and we don’t make a whole lot of mess. I sit on the couch and open my laptop and sigh. I miss the old days, when I had more things than could ever be done in a day. Now, I have hours of solitude and quiet until Gregg gets home, then the house is filled with talk of video games and daily happenings at school.

“Maybe I should check out social media.”

I go to Instagram first and look at the website. “Hmm…

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