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Oh Sooooooooooooo Way!!!
But this is a nude skiier l would expect no less!


This, That, and The Other

A63EA3F6-FBBF-4FA0-8358-3ABCDBF75EF2Rory, A Guy Called Bloke, has come up with yet another “Oh So Way/Oh No Way” post. It’s essentially a yes or no exercise where he makes a bunch of statements to which you respond with either “oh so way,” meaning “yeah, I’ve done that,” or “oh no way,” meaning “uh uh, not on a bet have I ever done that.”

So hear goes:

I have eaten snails — Oh so way! Yummy!

Received a speeding ticket — Oh so way, so way, and so way. I have a heavy foot.

Fallen asleep during an important meeting — Oh no way, but I did fall asleep in classes in college.

Sunbathed nude — Oh so way.

Taken part in a talent show. — Oh so way.

Worn Crocs — Oh no fucking way!

Screamed at a scary scene in a movie showhouse — Oh no way, but I…

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Oh! Prompt me, Do; Fantasy

Sadje has a mind designed for the fantastical – read on ….

Keep it alive

Rory has set us a new task;

Little Gina was very talented. She had learned to read at the age where most kids were busy tearing out the pages and pictures from books. It was her mom who had first read these lovely stories to her when she was not yet born. And as a baby she would always calm down when her mom read to her. And now she was just two and a half and would read these stories to her dolls.

It was her routine to sit with her toys around her and open up the book of stories and read them aloud every evening. She would imagine that the toys were real. The stuffed toys would become real bunnies, bears and lions. That gave her story telling more meaning when she thought that someone was actually listening to her.

One day her mother was free early…

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True Confessions or OhSoWay/OhNoWay #9

The question perhaps that should’ve been posed, was “What haven’t you done JP?’

JP the Wide-eyed Wanderer

20181015_115819 (2)So Rory, over at a guy called bloke, has this new question challenge going and it really got me to chuckling so here’s my take on these very poignant questions on this week’s Oh No Way/Oh So Way

Questions – well’ish ish!

I have eaten snails – So Way, great with butter and garlic

Received a speeding ticket – So Way more than one *hanging head in shame*

Fallen asleep during an important meeting- So No Way, I can barely fall asleep when I’m TRYING

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Have I Ever (reader guess)

Teresa has performed but one of these deeds, but her challenge to you is which one is it?

The Haunted Wordsmith

In Rory‘s Oh No Way, Oh So Way prompt, he asks a series of yes/no questions. Now, the task is to answer them and have fun, but today’s list can create a bit of fun over here for my readers, as I can only answer “YES/OH SO WAY” to one of them. The challenge for you, my dear followers, is to guess which one. Let me know in the comments which one you think it is and tomorrow I was post a fictional story about the correct answer.


  • I have eaten snails
  • Received a speeding ticket
  • Fallen asleep during an important meeting
  • Sunbathed nude
  • Taken part in a talent show.
  • Worn Crocs
  • Screamed at a scary scene in a movie showhouse
  • Been involved in a hit and run
  • Been locked outside when naked
  • Been approached by a hooker
  • Re – gifted a gift to someone else that l…

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