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Sadje’s opinion on my question about Awards earlier 🙂

Keep it alive

Rory has asked a few questions about the awards. Please give your input as well.

What do you actually like about Awards?

To me, an award, what ever kind, is an encouragement of the efforts of a blogger. Specially a new blogger feels elated by an award nomination. I remember when I got my first Sunshine Blogger Award, I felt that I have received recognition. And I think that most bloggers feel that way, specially on the reception of their first award.

What do you not like about Awards?

The forward gifting of the award is the most tricky part. The problem is two folds.

1. Who to gift/ nominate

2. The reception of the award by the nominee/ gifted.

The process of finding blogs to nominate and then creating a ping back by itself is time consuming. Then who to nominate? This is also a…

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